Pembroke Karate Club


History of the Pembroke Karate Club

  In 1972 Sensei Bill Pinkerton who had moved to Pembroke from Toronto where he had trained under then Sensei Kei Tsumura (5th Dan) and ranked to Shodan ( 1st Dan). Sensei Pinkerton founded the club in Pembroke. In the early years of the club classes were held at Pembroke Senior Public School as well as Champlain High School. It was going 4 nights a week. In the summer months the Judo dojo in CFB Petawawa found the club there on Saturdays.


    There were many serious karateka involved with the club at that time. Three in particular would end up taking a leading role in years to come, Jacques Perrault, Karen Perrault and Mark Stevens.  Sensei Pinkerton's work took him west and Sensei Jacques Perrault took over the club. Sensei Jacque retired from the club in 1984 and Sensei Karen Perrault took the helm. In 1985 Sensei Mark Stevens ranked to Nidan (2nd Dan) and became the fourth head sensei of the club from that point to today. 


   Sensei Jacques Perrault represented the Pembroke club as well as Shito Ryu Itosu Kai Canada in Japan in 1979. Sensei Mark Stevens did the same in 1985 when the tournament was held in Hiroshima Japan. Since then the Pembroke club has been at international tournaments represented by Sensei Karl Kauffman in Japan in 2002 and by Sensei Karl Kauffman, Sensei Jenny Croft, Sensei Codie Stevens and Sempi Ben Lazarus, in Los Angeles in 2005. At this tournament Sensei Kauffman led the Canadian Kumite team to a second place finish to Japan. Sensei Ben Lazarus represented in 2009 in Malaysia.

   The Pembroke Karate Club continues to compete biannually in the Canadian Championships and went to Osaka, Japan in 2013. Eleven members of the Pembroke Club represented the club and Canada along with members from Honbu Club and the JCCC club of Toronto.

    Honbu hosted the Kagami Beraki celebration this year in Toronto and  at the same time celebrated the 50th anniversary of Shihan Tsumura's teaching karate in Canada.

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